The most innovative laptops trends of CES 2022.

Laptop manufacturers were in full of force at the CES 2022 and unleashed numerous new laptops, updates, and much more.

With the top laptops from Dell, HP, Lenovo and Asus We saw a few key trends that are likely to affect laptops in the year 2022, and even beyond.

Haptic trackpads are here and will remain

For a long time trackpads with haptic feedback were Apple’s exclusive domain. The term “haptic feedback” means that instead of an actual click mechanism the trackpad makes use of motorized haptics to mimic the feel of a click without the need for a button. After years of seeing the technology exclusively available on MacBooks it was finally time to see some premium Windows laptops pick it up as of 2021, like Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Studio.

However, in CES 2022, it seems like a complete trend. This Dell XPS 13 Plus was the first laptop that we could see make use of one, incorporating the haptic feedback trackpad within the single pane glass that covers the palm rests. Then it showed up on the Lenovo Z13 and the ThinkPad Z13, a new laptop we saw at CES which impressed us.

The most interesting trackpad with haptic feedback however, was discovered in the HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook -it’s the HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook. This isn’t just an typical Chromebook It could be the most stylish Chrome OS device to ever be made. The addition of a tactile trackpad however, is an indication that the technology is rapidly spreading.

Webcams that are 720p are no more acceptable

Webcams were everywhere at CES in the year and with reason. It took two years before laptop makers finally made the slow gears in supply chains change to react to the increasing use internet-connected work. Then, virtually every laptop launched during CES this year included at least a webcam with 1080p resolution. HP even set out to include a camera with a 5 megapixel resolution on every PC for commercial use released.

Many of the monitors that were launched at CES featured built-in webcams. The latest high-end models, such as those from Dell UltraSharp U3223QZ or HP Z34c even had 4K cameras to provide clear video calls.

It’s likely that if you’re purchasing a brand new technology item in the year 2021 it’ll feature a more advanced webcam than the previous versions. This is a huge delight!

Mini-LED and OLED are everywhere .

For years, the traditional LED was the sole option for laptop display. However, at CES 2022 it was clear that more advanced technologies for display are appearing on many laptops. At CES mini-LED and OLED were everywhere you looked, including in gaming laptops, and Ultrabooks.

In fact, we have seen the QD-OLED display debut on a gaming display that’s called that of the Alienware 34 QDOLED exactly as it was hit the first generation of Samsung televisions. It’s quite impressive and indicates that manufacturers are finally making display technology a priority.

New graphic options for graphics

Nvidia Of course holds the top spot for laptop graphics. However, Intel and AMD attended CES 2022 with the intention of providing an alternative. AMD expanded its Radeon series 6000 featuring eight brand new GPUs for mobile use with models for gaming laptops that are thin and light to take on Nvidia’s Max-Q technology. AMD also demonstrated the amazing features of its integrated APU graphics on its brand new Ryzen 6000 chips.

Intel has also announced the soft launch of its initial Arc Graphics. They are the first GPUs that are discrete that are made by Intel designed to be used in gaming and other demanding applications. There are a lot of questions about Intel Arc, apparently over 50 computers will be available with the latest graphics that include laptops and desktops. It’s a great beginning for any new player entering the discrete GPU market.

However, regardless of whether the laptop you choose to purchase goes to one of the weaker options or is the most secure option of Nvidia’s newest RTX 3080 and 3070 Ti There are more options for graphics as than before.

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