The iPhone 14 Pro could have an in-hole camera, and conceal Face ID beneath the screen

Rumors about Apple’s 2022 iPhone refresh continue to circulate, including Twitter leaker DylanDKT saying they’re claiming that it will be the iPhone 14 Pro lineup will have a pill-shaped hole-punch shape for the camera on its front as well as the bulk part of the Face ID hardware being placed underneath its display (instead of an eye-strain of the hole).

The report confirms earlier reports of well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo the end of last year, who claimed that the 2022 iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max will shift towards holes-punched cutouts for the camera.

Apple introduced the first major changes to the Face ID notch the last model of the iPhone 13 lineup, which included the notch being slightly smaller than the design Apple had been using since the 2017 iPhone X.

Moving to move the Face ID array beneath the display while maintaining the cutout makes some sense. The Face ID’s IR-based system will be less affected by the blurring and weak colors that are present for the current front-facing cameras that are underdisplay and cutting down its notch down to an enlargeable cutout will place Apple back on the same page with Android competitors which have removed Apple’s large notch from the dust by introducing tiny camera cutouts.

It is possible that Apple may be considering the slimmer notch as an aesthetic distinction in the more expensive iPhone 14 Pro lineup and the regular iPhone 14 models, which are reported to have the current Face ID notch.

It also appears that Apple’s plans for display under-display will remain limited into that Face ID camera array: Kuo’s report in late 2021 stated Apple’s long-rumored plans return their Touch ID sensor in the shape that of an in-display fingerprint reader won’t take place until 2023 at most.

DylanDKT has also claimed the Apple will release an upgraded iPhone SE model in 2022 and will feature the same design and features that is the present 2020 SE but will include 5G and better specifications. In addition, a folding iPhone is being considered to be currently in prototype phase that is currently in the prototyping phase, with Apple said to be “playing the long game to see how the technology progresses” before committing to a consumer modelwhich is similar to Kuo’s previous reports.

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