Best Insurance Companies For Home and Auto

When looking for insurance companies that offer a good deal on a home and auto policy, you should consider Chubb. This insurer includes several unique features in its homeowner’s policies and is known for offering numerous discounts. Most consumers do not have the option of getting online quotes, however. Chubb also targets homeowners with expensive … Read more

Small Business Health Insurance – Self-Employed Employees May Benefit From Small Business Health Insurance Providers

    There are four key aspects you, as a small business owner, must be aware of in terms of small business health insurance: group coverage, premium or contribution rates, type of plan and shopping around for better coverage. You need to know these things because not knowing them could cost your company a lot … Read more

Understanding your car insurance quote

What is an auto insurance quote? An auto insurance quote is an estimate, based on your personal information, of how much an insurer will charge you for a car insurance policy. Quotes are important because insurance rates can vary across companies. When shopping for car insurance, get as many quotes as possible to avoid overpaying. If you’re … Read more