7 Ways To Thank Your Customers For Their Trust

60% of companies have lost a customer because they did not feel considered enough. Whenever a consumer chooses you over a competitor, you should show them gratitude and appreciation. A simple thank you makes your customer happy.

And, a happy customer, let’s remember, is more inclined to build loyalty and become an ambassador!

So, here are 7 relevant ways to thank your buyers.

1. Include a thank you note with every order

This is by far one of the easiest and most effective strategies to implement. It can take several forms:

A thank you on social networks: by sharing their photos, videos or stories, in particular.

A thank you email after the purchase, written in a friendly way to create a bond with the new customer.

A handwritten note inside the package: the latter has an opening rate of 80% . It’s more than any email!

In addition to making your customers smile, it will help set your business apart. When you include a personal message, you turn the whole experience (even after the sale!) into an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them

2. Offer content with high added value

What does high value content look like? To start, you can provide the customer with resources that allow them to deepen their knowledge of the product they have just purchased, tutorials on how to better use it to meet a need or an objective.

For example, if you sell clothes, you can offer a guide to accessorizing the item they just bought.

As part of an online service, provide a guide or a series of videos that show how to set up the tool and use it according to your needs.

This additional content necessarily improves the customer experience, while showing them that their satisfaction is important to your business.

3. Send a gift or product samples

Customers love gifts! Even more so if they are exclusive. Whether it’s a sample of your new product or a beta version of a service, use them to say thank you to a new buyer.

He will feel valued and will have the feeling of belonging to a privileged group. For this thank you strategy to work, make sure the sample matches the consumer’s profile.

As far as gifts are concerned, they can take several forms: goodies bearing the image of your company, an additional product, an extended warranty, etc.

4. Launch a referral program

Referral programs are a great way to thank your customers, but also to increase your sales.

Ask your regular buyers to recommend you to their loved ones for a gift or a discount coupon.

For example, a cosmetics brand can set up a referral program that offers 50 euros in vouchers to the existing customer and grants a 25 euros discount on the first purchase of the sponsored.

5. Offer surprise discounts

Customers are used to shopping coupons, discount vouchers, gift codes… Strengthen their commitment a little more by offering surprise promotions!

At the conclusion of a sale, make a reduction on the customer’s invoice without notifying them. Add a note to thank him for his trust and loyalty (if this is not his first purchase).

6. Spotlight the customer

Highlighting a customer on your site is an effective way to thank them. This technique works very well in the B2B world.

Use the testimonials section to highlight your loyal customers. Offer to put a link to their own website in exchange for a review or a quote.

Advantage: This thank you technique proves to be a valuable social proof to convert prospects who are still undecided.

7. Host a thank you event

Nothing has as much impact as an in-person thank you. Invite your customers to spend time with other members of your community during a special event: store or premises inauguration, private sales, cocktails, conferences… Don’t forget to prepare a bag full of gifts to give them at the end of the demonstration.

Unable to organize a physical meeting? With current technologies, you can plan a virtual event: organize a live-aperitif, a webconference or a live-chat with your experts or a celebrity.

An optimized customer experience also involves thanking the buyer who trusted you (sometimes, several times). Show your gratitude by using one or more of these 7 techniques to retain your customers, while turning them into ambassadors for your company!

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